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Mya’s keen sense of how to maintain a work-life balance makes her the perfect choice as a coach……


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As an accomplished, published author, Mya Cullins brings healing, insight, and wisdom to the lives of her readers. She has on many occasions wielded the power of the pen in order to incite change in the thought process and perspective of her audience

Youth Mentoring Program

Mya Speller Cullins Partners with Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc., and offers a Youth Mentoring Program


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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is simply the process of improving business, personal, or relational performance. Professional Coaching focuses on your present and even on your future. Its aim is to unlock an individual’s potential to help them maximize their own performance. Mya uses her expertise to help propel you into your next phase in business and/or life, while skillfully equipping you with the necessary tools to eventually manage your business and personal life successfully.

Who Is Coaching For?

If you choose to hire a life or business coach, you are making a major decision. You have probably heard a lot about what coaches do, but maybe now you’re trying to decide if you need one. Regardless of whether or not you need help being successful in business, relationships or your personal life, Mya Speller Cullins is the one to call. Here are ways to identify if you need a coach:

-You feel stuck in business, life, and/or relationships
-You are indecisive and need help taking action, moving forward, and creating a business, personal, or interpersonal vision and plan
-You have lost motivation and momentum
-You are lacking in time management skills
-You continue to repeat unhealthy cycles
-You have achieved success in the past but seem to have plateaued
-You are grieving a loss or setback

Mya Cullins is skilled in the above-mentioned areas and more! If you’re unsure about whether or not to move forward, that is also a sign you need to connect with Mya. Fill out our form in order to get started!

What is The Process Like?

Coaching, whether in group or one-on-one format, is geared towards ensuring the you receive optimum guidance and advice in order to take your next steps in life and business. The process for Mya’s business and life coaching is really quite simple. After an initial consultation, Mya uses a five-step coaching process aimed at determining the direction you wish to set for yourself and creating a structure to guide you as you progress towards reaching your goal.  It invites you to consider all the possibilities that are open to you. It is my belief that coaching gives you a unique chance to explore your dreams and your aspirations, and to look at your strengths.

1. Assess where you are

I will partner with you to help you gain clarity of purpose.  This could include completing a life wheel exercise, examining your values and how aligned your purpose in life is right now.

2. Set your goal

Once you have clarity around what you would like to change or do, it is time to establish the goal for yourself. I will support you in reaching high, breaking through real and imagined barriers or limitations that you may be experiencing.

3. Create the plan and set your course of action

We will map your route to your goal and examine what support and resources you will need to get there. As you achieve milestones, we celebrate your success!

4. Stay accountable and gauge your progress

Accountability is a key ingredient to your success. In short, this means you own the outcomes.  My role in this will be to review with you your commitments and the results you achieve.

5. Celebrate!

Congratulation you’ve reached your goal! Now is the time to reflect on your journey and celebrate your success.

About Me

As the founder of Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc. Mya has successfully intertwined her education and passion for seeing individuals whole, into her life’s work. A graduate of North Carolina A &T and Capella Universities, respectively; Mya has obtained not only a wealth of experience but also possesses an advanced educational background.

As serial entrepreneur, Mya Cullins is a mental health and relationship expert, highly sought-after consultant and motivational speaker, a published author, tv and film producer and radio host, and community activist. Mya has been invited to share her gift of speaking on both national and global stages.

With an insatiable desire to see young people thrive, Mya operates (alongside her daughter) an initiative known as “M & K Divas in Training.” The mentorship program exposes at-risk young women to opportunities and experiences helping them shift their perspective and focus on improving their lives.

Her movement “Beyond Ordinary” is breaking boundaries and blazing a trail among individuals and industries that were previously untapped. This movement, for which she is an ambassador, highlights mental health and substance abuse issues among individuals including but not limited to: first responders, clergy and laity, politicians, law enforcement, teachers and school administrators.

You can stay up to date with Mya by following her on social media:

IG: @MyaSpellerCullins
Facebook: @MyaSpellerCullins @MyaCullins (Mya Speller)

Praises For Mya

“I’m pleased to write a review on Mya’s ability to preform just what she promises. Once she makes a commitment she will see your project all the way through the “entire” process. She will not leave you hanging!! She stayed by my side and even offered extra assistance to help me open my private practice. She is very knowledgeable in all that she does and did I mention she is resourceful as well! Yes Mya Rocks.
Katie T.

“Yes its true Mya is able to take something literally from nothing and make it more then you can ever imagine. I often procrastinated to truly see my dreams through because I was scared and afraid that I would fail but NO not dealing with Mya lol she will make sure she does whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality. You can’t really put a price on that because she actually taught me more then just opening up my business. She taught me by example to always believe in myself and never give up! Thanks Mya.
Jasmine L.

“I’ve utilized Mya’s services on multiple occasions and have always received top quality work. I actually received more then I was expecting and the turn around was simply amazing. I wish I could hire her to do my day to day operations! Let’s just say I was able to successfully open my daycare center due to her services.

Lynn P.

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