Business & Life Coaching

A proven succession of strategic planning sessions have been developed to assist new and existing business owners and executives. Allowing you total control of your process, Mya Speller Cullins will assess your needs and develop a customized plan just for you. Now you’ve got the commitment of one of the best in the business and you can rest in the fact that you’ve made a decision that will positively impact your businesses future.


Formulation of a business plan

With these coaching sessions, Mya will walk you through the steps needed to formulate a business plan and ways to develop strategies to ensure your success.

Execution of a business plan

Sometimes the plan and vision are written out, but you’re not sure how to implement it. Mya will ensure you not only help you tweak your current plan if necessary, she will also help you develop the steps necessary to begin having a thriving business or organization.

Identify reasons a business may be “stuck”

Maybe you’ve already formulated a business plan and implemented it. All businesses can become “stuck” at one point or another. Mya’s experiences and years of building successful businesses give her the skillset necessary to help get your business healthy and prospering again.

Guidance turning an idea into a thriving business

During these sessions, Mya will help you put your ideas to paper. She will ensure you are knowledgeable about writing a business plan, setting it in motion, the pitfalls of running a business and more.

Coaching employers to measure compliance

Participants in this session will learn how to properly implement compliance in their organizations, as well as, learning how to keep employees engaged and

New Business Owner and Executive Packages

Whether you are a new business owner or an executive, Mya is able to tailor and customize coaching sessions based on your needs. As a veteran in the business, Mya will be able to guide you as she knows first-hand how to begin, maintain and nurture a business.

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Mya is known as the relationship guru. As such, she is able to provide tips on healthy relationships, as well as, recognizing red flags and how to deal with signs of toxicity.


During these sessions, Mya will guide participants into living their new normal. Whether you are contemplating divorce or are going through the process, these sessions will help you heal and realize there is life after divorce.


Grief can be the physical loss of a loved one or even a major trauma or set-back in life. Mya will help you understand the stages of grief and how to help you grieve.

Mental Health

As a mental health expert, these sessions with Mya will help you understand what you may be experiencing and how to get to a healthy, wholesome stage in life in order to fulfill your purpose.

Substance Abuse

With these sessions, Mya will help you understand the signs and even reasons for substance abuse. She will also ensure that participants in these sessions are steered in the right direction in order to receive proper care.

Anger Management

As a certified anger management specialist, Mya will take you through these sessions and
Teach you how to properly channel your anger in a way that is healthy
For those who sign up to receive a business and/or life coaching package from Mya Speller Cullins, you will also have the opportunity to gain access to exclusive content specifically designed with her coaching clients in mind.
*Please note: With multiple certifications and years of experience, Mya’s capabilities go far beyond this list. If you are in need of business and life coaching for issues that are not listed here, Mya can handle it! Contact her today!

Coaching Packages

Executive- Ideal for Organizations & Corporations

Initial Consultation/ Screening & Assessment of Needs/ Review of Findings/ Organizational Strategies/ Coaching Sessions

4 Hours – $800

8 Hours – $1600

1-on-1- Ideal for Individual Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Initial Consultation/ Screening & Assessment of Needs/ Review of Findings/ Organizational Strategies/ Coaching Sessions

4 Hours – $800

8 Hours – $1600

Life Coaching- Ideal for individuals who are ready to make a significant shift in their life.

Initial Consultation/ Screening & Assessment of Needs/ Review of Findings/ Organizational Strategies/ Coaching Sessions

4 Hours – $800

8 Hours – $1600