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Mya has been trusted with the task of appearing on many, major stages. Her down-to-earth nature coupled with her professionalism and expertise on a plethora of topics has afforded the opportunity to speak into the lives of many over the years.

Her speaking engagements include but are not limited to: Darlene McCoy (The Nightly Spirit), Edward Long (Lit Night Show), Bishop Greg Davis (Let the Healing Begin, The Word Network), Dr. Jamal Bryant (The Word Network). She has also been seen on Atlanta live and the Impact Network (with a viewing audience of 80 million people), and Cocoa Brown’s podcast (The Cocoa Brown Show) just to name a few!

She has also interviewed individuals such as Cora Jakes Coleman and Brely Evans as well as your everyday individual. This gives credence to the fact she is comfortable on various stages, communicating with both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. You can find just a few of her speaking specialties below:

Are you looking to become a world class leader that can and will catapult your business/ organization to the next levels? To become a world class business leader a self-check is imperative. Are you empowered and focused? Are your pro-active or simply reacting to day to day occurrences? Are you operating efficiently or letting valuable resources (financial, human, assets and time) dissipate? Mya Speller Cullins has developed a fundamental program out of this speaker series that will help you to define roles and develop your leadership team. Perfect for one to one sessions, employee workshops, conference workshops and themed seminars.


Empowered for Success

Lead or be Lead

Identify Behaviors & Areas of Opportunity Misconduct

How to begin and maintain a thriving business

The new business owner: Business 101

Strategic methods for implementing compliance and employee engagement

The veteran business owner: Tips for business executives in the 21st century

Mental Health/ Substance Abuse

Teenage Motherhood


Anger Management


Women’s Empowerment

*Please note: With multiple certifications and years of experience, Mya’s capabilities go far beyond this list. If you are in need of speaking topics that are not listed here, Mya can handle it! She creates customized speaking packages! Contact her today!