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Behind the Veil II The Naked Truth is the newest book by Mya Speller Cullins.

When we last left Stacey,after family she was trying to save her family, after marriage her marriage and her way of life. She realized she and her husband were only human and it was hard to stick to the belief that what God had brought together couldn’t be torn apart. However, did God really bring them together or were her feelings casting doubt on God’s promise? Stacey learned the hard way what happens (take out the word “of”) when we do not slow down and leave room for discernment. We all have been Stacey at some point. We have been too busy to slow down and end up losing focus on the things that should matter to us. We end up leaving ourselves open to the attacks that the enemy throws at us. Ending the story there would mean that we should be without hope. Just because a mirror is broken doesn’t mean that it can’t be used. The pieces can be formed into something new.

Behind the Veil

Life is unpredictable. Love is complicated. But change is possible if you’re willing to do the work. Behind the Veil is a heart-wrenching story about love, marriage, betrayal, addiction, and suffering. Stacey is a successful woman trapped by the image of success. Darrel is a strong man battling his own demons in private. They are models of hope in their community, but carrying pain in their heart. Together they teach us that marriage won’t heal what you refuse to reveal; and love won’t fix what lust broke.

If you’ve ever had to maintain a public image while harboring private pain, this is the book for you. If you’re contemplating next steps for your relationship, this is the book for you. If your life has taken an unexpected turn, and you’re trying to figure out what to do next, Behind the Veil will help you to confront your personal demons. Author Mya Cullins creates realistic characters that are easy to identify with. Chapter by chapter, Cullins will introduce you to a journey of honesty and transparency. By the end of this book, you will see yourself. You will learn who you are again. You will thrive and you will recover.

In My Father’s House

is a direct revelation of God being an ever present help throughout the struggles life brings upon even the youngest child. The favor of God, coupled with his covering, is exhibited throughout the childhood of this young girl; and the numerous struggles she encountered while being brought up in the home of an individual who would later become her greatest stepping stone, and becoming a teenage mother, unaware of what destiny had lying in wait for her. God not only shielded her life but also the lives of her entire family. This protection is made evident through the outcome of God fulfilling a promise of the family’s life of “latter becoming greater!” In My Father’s House will offer peace to the brokenhearted and assurance that God is able to move mountains, especially during unforeseen times. This book is for the young, as well as, old and teen mothers who believe hope is nowhere in sight (people who society has counted out).

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